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[PC] ESL Rules - FIFA 11 1on1 ladder

Thảo luận trong 'Thảo luận Giải đấu' bắt đầu bởi Toddvn, 4/11/10.

  1. Toddvn

    Toddvn Guest

    3. Settings

    All players are liable to follow the giving settings. Different agreements are not allowed!

    3.1. Create Match

    • Game Type: Ranked
    • Private Session: Yes
    • Team Level: any
    • Half Length: 6 Mins
    • Controls: any
    • Game Speed: Normal

    3.2. Teamchoice

    Free teamchoice. All teams are allowed.

    3.3. Programs

    Changes on the game graphics or texture using graphics card drivers, other tools for graphic configuration or programs of this art are forbidden. You can use any program, if it has no effect on the game (voice programs, server administration tools). All other programs are forbidden (including cheats).

    3.4. Custom Formations

    1. All players are obligated to use the predetermined Formations from EA. Using a self created formations is strictly forbidden!
    2. Not following this rule will be punished with one (1) penalty point. In addition, the match will be deleted if the winner used a custom formations.

    4. Match rules

    4.1. Nicknames compulsory

    Each player has to use the nickname that is entered in his/her ESL player sheet. In team matches the players are allowed to use a clan tag which has to be the same for all players of the team.

    4.1.1. Final Score

    Only the score which was reached after 90 minutes (+stoppage time) is official. A draw is a draw. Overtimes and penalty shoot-outs are not part of an ESL game. Only goals which Fifa detects as goals count as goals. If you miss and Fifa says it's a goal, then it counts. Deciding games/rematches
    Deciding games are not allowed.
    For example, if 2 players are tied after a game then it's a tie. A second game (as a deciding match) is not allowed. Breaking this rule will lead to one (1) penalty point. Breaking it again will be punished with two (2) penalty points, etc. About red cards
    If a player has players with a red card the connection is lost, get back in the game and make it so that the same players that had red cards get them again and continue to play from there.

    4.2. Matchstart

    In order to start a match its neccessary to login onto the onlineserver. Afterwards you have to klick on "Versus" and join the lobby which is so called "Tournament". Now you have to create an Arena with the specified settings. Last but not least, you've to add your oponent with the specific gameaccount by adding him into your friendlist or by using the lobbyoverview. If all players are ready, the match sill start.

    4.3. Connection Failure

    If the connection fails for either player, the match should be restarted with the remaining time left. The scores remain. Directly after a connection failure both players have to meet at the meeting point to continue the game. If one player cannot contact his opponent after at least 5 minutes, he may enter "Opponent left the game" on the match page and open a protest ticket as this can be seen as a forced quit to leave the game.
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    Ua, sao bon no cam khong duoc dung doi hinh do tu minh dieu chinh nhi?
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    Luật này đã được POST link tại Box Giải đấu :D