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Patch Zlatan87 Superpatch 2.0 - The real soccer emotion

Thảo luận trong 'Editing' bắt đầu bởi boysport_2001, 1/6/12.

  1. boysport_2001

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    Finally Ready, the wait was long, but the work is very hard, there are tens of thousands of files and is not easy edit and test it...


    ... The new patch is not just an update of 1.0, but a totally new superpatch, which will integrate most old edits and many new exclusives!

    Let me to show All Superpatch Features:

    - New Revolutionary Selector Tool: "Selector 3.0", that i've programmed for two months; this tool will revolution your Game Experience, with Graphics, Audio, Gameplay and Online/Offline Selector; You will have two Exclusive Tools, "Revolutionary Match Selector", that allow you to select League Type ingame, for example if we must play Uefa Champions League Match during a Career, with simple "U" Keypress on keyboard before a match loading, tool will change automatically Popups, Scoreboard, Staff, Wipes, Musics of Intro and Full Time and more! Next it advise Correctly Mode Changing with a Sound! Second Tool is "Commentary & Speaker Sounder" that trasmit to us the Real Stadium Emotions! Little example, we play with Juventus, select team and activate tool, for example we put in formation Del Piero and assign it on number 9 of Numeric KeyPad, choose between Commentary or Sounder mode and after goal, with keypress on 9 on Numeric Keypad, we will listen sound referred to Player, example if we have select Speaker Mode we will listen: "ha segnato con il numero 10, Alessandroooo, and crowd will say Deel Pieroooo!" I assure you that this Tool mixed to Game Audios its Very Awesome!!!!
    There are 3 video tutorial of this Tool, playable with same Tool in Section "Video Tutorial"!

    - Gameplay Reset to Default (changeable with Selector 3.0)
    - Database same as 1.0, but fixed with Liga Portugese Crash in edit Mode, edit with new Alternative Kits assigns and fix of some Kits Colours, added 9 Stadiums.
    - New Stadiums: 8 from Euro 2012 and Training Pitch of Juventus "Vinovo".
    - Many Modified Stadiums: Booth Normal and UCL Modes, San Siro, Olimpico di Roma and Juventus Stadium will have also Drink Bottles, Benches and Chair Edited Textures!
    - Custom adboards for all Serie A, Liga BBVA, EPL and for 8 Stadiums of Euro 2012, some teams also for Ligue 1 and Bundesliga.
    - New Balls for Champions and other more Leagues.
    - BorderPitch Staff (Ballboys, Cameramen, Photographers etc) edited for Sky Sport, Champions League and Euro 2012 Modes, selectable with Single Staff Selector or with "Revolutionary Match Selector".
    - Banners and Flags for All Teams.
    - New Tattoos on body for many players.
    - About 1200 new faces, and others 200 with new HD Textures!
    - New Gloves.
    - New Goal Net for Some Teams (Juventus, Napoli, Udinese, Man City, Everton, Bayern, Dortmund etc)
    - New Fonts for Numbers and Name on some Teams (European Nationals, Pescara, Genoa, Napoli etc)
    - New Kits for more Teams, many with alternative Kits. Serie A Teams during Tim Cup will have Kits with Tim Cup Badges. Some Italian and European teams will have specified kits for UCL and EL.
    - Updated Coaches Name.
    - Real Names for Stadiums and Tournaments.
    - HD Files for Players Body , Sweat, 3D Grass, Faces etc...
    - Real Referees for Serie A and Euro 2012.
    - Winter Gloves with Nike Brand.
    - New HD Pitches.
    - Shoes Updates to 14/05/2012, with right assignments (thanks to Revolutionary Mod) for hundred of Players from Serie A, Ligue 1, EPL, Liga BBVA and Bundesliga! Now most players will have their real shoes!!
    - New Champions League Trophy, with Uefa Logo on Front!
    - New Wipes, Euro 2012 Replay Wipe is Official, from EA Sports, and another taked from Fifa Street 4, very Beautiful! Others are same as 1.0 Version, Serie A, EPL, Tim Cup, UCL, EL, World Cup, Liga BBVA, Bundesliga.
    - Balls will Load Automatically depends of Tournaments: Uefa Champions League, Europa League etc... for Serie A, EPL, Liga BBVA and others you can change ball, it will load Balls Automatically only with Snow!
    - Referees Kits Loaded Automatically depending of Tournaments, in 2.0 i've added more Referees Kits like FA Cup etc..!
    - Now in all stadiums crowd will be different, 75% for Home Team Supporters and 25% for Away Supporters (same as Reality)
    - New Logos Selectable with Selector!
    - New Start Screen in Menu, with loading logo with Stars in Champions League Style!
    - Minifaces for most Missing Players.
    - Next Gen Scoreboards, all with Loss Time, and with Bug of Previous Match Resolved! Scoreboards will be about 70, selectable with Selector 3.0.
    - New Popups for Sky Sport, Premium Calcio, Tim Cup, EPL, World Cup, Euro 2012 (mine and from EA Sports), and others from 1.0, I've also created Penalty Popup for all my Popups! Now they are Totally Complete!
    - PCDVD Cover Created by Me in HD!

    .....you need other??? hihihihihi! :D


    I Recommend to install Patch on Original and Clean Game, patch 1.0 is not necessary because 2.0 is Totally New Patch!

    - Unpack 17 Files Downloaded.
    - Install il Net Framework 4 if you haven't installed yet (Install Exe is in my Archive).
    - Execute in order two Install Exe, first Superpatch Selector 3.0 and next Zlatan87 Superpatch 2.0, follow instructions and be careful to insert Correct Fifa 12 Path!
    - At the end of Installations will be open Fifa Regenerator 2.1, click on Go and Regenerate, wait until Regeneration ending;
    and Selector 3.0, that will show you an error, normally because you haven't yet insert Fifa 12 Path, click on "Browse" and choose Fifa 12 Installation Path. Next click on Save. Now you will have Selector 3.0 Perfectly Working.
    - Only when Regeneration Process is Finished you can Play Fifa 12.
    - Ingame go on Edit Chants and Musics, and for each team assign, "Intro" for entry music, "Goal" for Team Goals and "Fulltime" for Winner and Loser Team Musics.
    - Assign Chants for each Serie A Team: "Cori- Juventus" for Juve, "Cori - Milan" for Milan etc...
    - Enjoy!!!

    ps: if you miss audio assignments in instructions you can't listen any sound selected from my selector!

    Selector 3.0 Instructions:

    - For the moment Avaiable only with some Texts in Tool and in Video Tutorial in "Video Tutorial" section.


    - Kits: Memes98, KadaRyuk, alex_d_1986, New Maker, mogolos, Master Pi a Gi, Gaz Panic, damian9910, Pepis, Corsicasteph, Moa Alves, Mateus Guedes, RafaelBG85, The Danish, HSVBalti, haribofan, Mighty Mouse, Cesc_4, Wolverine, Nello96, Emiliano Videla, Editiamofifa, sickboy19, Devil, angelo93inter19, FifaMania, SoccerGaming, OltreilCalcio.
    - Database: Zlatan87, fifaCCitiu.com, KadaRyuk
    - Loc: KadaRyuk, x119
    - Logos: Zlatan87, Genko, Regularcat, eafh, KadaRyuk, Fifadome, EL KEEPER, razvanultra55
    - Faces & Tattoos: flakododo92, Editing Generation, All Soccergaming Facemakers, FifaInfinity, OltreilCalcio, Moddingway, Fifamania, FifaNetworkTR & fifa1112faces Blog, Andutzu89, Same_red_devil, aresMX.
    - Mini Faces: Moswell
    - Mini Faces Referees: The Editer
    - Referees Kits: Pao4Eve, Haribofan
    - Help & Others Files: ClasseStile EditiamoFifa, frankie1963, Angelo93Inter19, dariodario, Enzo))7((, Forzaroma
    - Banners & Flags: Geißbock23, Zhivko Stanchev, Damien, MexicanTraveller, sapunaro, Baba Adamu
    - Adboards: Uomomagnetico, DrDoooMuk, Dennynho, MexicanTraveller, KadaRyuk, Damien
    - Shoes: x119 & JeffiOne, blaugrana972, mh25, hemiunu, Gunzy, el_gordito.
    - GK Gloves: Dnepr
    - Balls: KadaRyuk, SGD Fan, Darxxx, Adrizrace44, Pepis, Memes98
    - Stadiums: V.K, Rob Kenshin & Zlatan87
    - Scoreboards, Popups & HEX Research: Zlatan87, Evolution, ANB_Seth, Pinheiro, GlauberBatista, ZIC, EditiamoFifa, Massi, Mipoc, Iaquinta96.
    - Revolution Mod 12: Scouser09 & FifaInfinity.
    - Caressa and Speaker Audio Files: Zlatan87, Vaiper ed EditiamoFifa
    - Fonts: Adrianoliv, moaalves, davidmende
    - Pitch: Eltico
    - Goal Nets: darkphoenix9771, rique
    - Gameplays: Regularcat & Fidel

    Sorry if Miss someone, contact me and I will insert in list immediately!
    Download: super patch 2.0: http://adf.ly/9CbW5

    Nguồn: moddingway.com
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    Mình up lên, trong phần edit player sao không thay đôi được giầy cho cầu thủ nhi? Mình dung Fifa 12 - reloead ver 1.0
  3. H3r0.mrbb


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    Thua cái patch này, không đổi được dường dẫn trong selector. Đổi sao cũng y như default. Lại còn lỗi tùm lum tà la. Không đá đc Career nữa.AE nào vô giúp với