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News FIFA 11 - Be A Goalkeeper Tutorial

Thảo luận trong 'Tin tức - Sự kiện' bắt đầu bởi admin, 25/8/10.

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    Thực ra là không có thuyết minh, chỉ là do mình nghe tiếng Anh rồi chép ra đây, hy vọng giúp được bạn nào nghe ko tốt lắm là mừng rồi :lol:

    Đoạn nào *** là ko nghe được từ gì nhé

    Be a goal keeper is a complete new way playing EA Sport FIFA whilst you control the goal keeper for entire match. Goal keeping is all about positioning, anticipation and timing. So be sure to learn the basic before you jump in to a one off match, a career or even an online world for an eleven against eleven match. Let's talk about the basic.

    (0h30) Move around with the left stick to stand the position best coverer the goal. When the ball is coming, attempt to save by holding the right stick toward the direction you want to dive. Be careful, the timing is really important. Attempt to dive too early and you'll lose your composure. Attempt to dive too late and the ball will end up in your net.

    (0h52) Goal keeper must face other difficult situations too. For in air ball coming from crosses, press and hold the triangle button to charge the ball for a punch attempt.

    When the opponent is in the box facing you with his feet, rush out to him and dive at his feet by pressing the square button. Timing and positioning are really important here too. Attempt the action at the wrong place or moment and you're likely miss the ball, leaving an open net.

    As you can see, being a gola keeper isn't an easy task. You saved and you become a hero, or you miss and by the dust.

    But don't get discourage, a few hints available for you during your learning process.

    (1h30) When defending, an indicator on the pitch will show you the best position to cover the goal. When it's green, you are in good spot. By pressing and holding the L1 button, your keeper will automatically move to that spot.

    To help you to timing and the ball speed to *ception?*, a white trace will be show indicating the trajectory of the ball and the red trace will be show representing it future trajectory.

    When defending your goal, a red indicator will apear on any opponent who is attempting a shoot or header on goal. All these sense can be activated or deactivated in the game settings screen.

    As a goal keeper you have the advantage as having a great view the entire pitch when your team is on the attack. This allow you to guilty your team mate to perform certain action.

    Press the X button to yell to your team mate to call for a pass. Press the triangle button to yell to your team mate to call for a through pass. Press the X button to yell to your team mate to call for a cross. And press the circle button to yell to your team mate to shoot on goal. But as in real life, they won't always pay attention to you.

    Just keep in mind if the view is too far for your eyes or you just fancy following the play from close by, you can simple press the select button to *** zooming in and out the camera.

    Learning to be a goal keeper is not an easy task. You have to take it step by step. In game settings you can change to play with difference assitance setting to see which one suit you best. We recommend you start with the assisted, and then move up to semi or manual one when you master the control.

    (3h10) For extra help, controls are xplain here, and other additional controls can be found on the controller help screen.

    For that more than enough for a start, you can start playing be a goal keeper in practice mode, when you feel confident, try out and be a gola keeper in exhibition match. Master this and playing in career mode, when you ready, attempt to be the most recognize goal keeper in the online world in club matches.

    Remember, move with the left stick, dive holding the right stick.
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    Em vẫn ko hiểu :-*
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    Haha thế thua rồi chứ dịch cho bạn thì nhiều lắm
    chủ yếu nó chỉ khi nào thì mình nên nhấm nút gì thôi
    cái đoạn they won't always pay attention to you LMAO
    nếu thế yell at teammates cũng thế thôi
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    cũng phải từ từ thực chiến thử đã - nhưng nhìn qua là có tiềm năng ;)